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Will Social Media Affect My Social Security Disability Claim?

Burke Law PLLC Nov. 8, 2019

Social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, are full of insights into our personal lives. The unintended consequences are far-reaching and claims for Social Security Disability benefits are not immune.

If you are thinking of applying for benefits, already have a claim filed, or currently receive disability benefits, you should carefully consider what pictures you post, the comments you make, and what you allow others to tag you in, on all social media platforms.

The truth is, the Social Security Administration has begun looking for posts that could discredit claims and the idea of doing so more regularly is being explored by the current administration. In the Fiscal Year 2020 Budget Overview, the following information was disclosed:

“In FY 2018…we studied strategies…on how social media networks can be used to evaluate disability allegations. Currently, agency adjudicators use social media information to evaluate a beneficiary’s symptoms when there is a CDI unit’s Report of Investigation…In FY 2019, we are evaluating how social media could be used by disability adjudicators in assessing the consistency and supportability of evidence in a claimant’s case file.”

You can find the full disclosure by clicking here.

The devastating result of using social media platforms to assess the consistency and supportability of evidence is that what may have been a snapshot of a single good moment could be used to completely derail a disability claim. We know as a society that what is shown on social media does not always accurately portray a person’s daily life. What may have been a well-intentioned idea to rule out fraud in the disability program, could have disastrous results.

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