Social Media and Your Personal Injury Claim

Social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, are full of insights into our personal lives. The unintended consequences are far-reaching and claims for personal injuries are not immune.


If you are thinking of, or already are, bringing a claim for personal injuries against someone or an entity that harmed you, avoid sharing any information about the circumstances surrounding the claim on a social media platform. In fact, you may want to stop posting any pictures, comments, check-ins, or allowing others to tag you in posts until the claim has resolved.

The truth is, an insurance company or defense counsel would be remiss not to scour through social media accounts looking for posts that could discredit claims for damages for pain, suffering, and emotional distress. So, that is exactly what they are doing. Gone are the days where it was necessary to hire private investigators to dig up harmful evidence.

What may have been a snapshot of a single good moment or a forced smile could be used to completely derail the case. An argument will be made that the evidence shows that you are not suffering, that the injuries are not serious, and that your life has not been negatively affected as claimed. Avoiding social media is a small price to pay to get the compensation you deserve.

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